Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eige's Organization in a nutshell.

It has been in my head a long time to write up a post on my organization and working space. I went to work on a video I shot for my mini series on eyeliner, but ended up running into issues (which should be resolved by tomorrow). In the mean time, I decided that it would be a good idea to work on this post, since it is really just a virtual tour of my workspace!

I am really curious to see/hear about your makeup work space as well, feel free to leave pictures or descriptions in the comment box!

Alright. For the most part, this is where the magic happens. Now, I have had this desk since I was really little. It started as my parents computer desk back in the 90's. Now, if you know me, I am super into the environment, and super into not throwing anything away. In the 2000's, I painted it black, since it was getting pretty beat up. now, it has paint, nail polish, burn marks, and whatever you can attach to teen-hood all over it. I recently gutted the shelves and the doors to the cabinet to make it work for make up. 

To the left we can see my tacklebox. this is my second upgrade since I really got into makeup. You can also see my brushes and stuff in the cups I got from target. :) To the right, you can see my beloved mirror, a green storage thinger, and my area for all my hair stuff (used to be the cabinets). 

Photo of my brush cup and my mascara/liner/nyx pencil cups. :)

Hiding beside my tacklebox is a Stilla Pallet I received as a gift from my best friend's mother. I don't use it as often as I should, but I still adore it. <3

I got the tacklebox for christmas of this year, but I believe it came from walmart for under $15. It has a center area with trays, a side cubby, two flip up areas on the top of the box, and actually, the creame colored part of the tacklebox opens, yielding more storage.

In each of the two flippy things on the top of the tacklebox (above), I store things by category. On the left side, I store my false lashes, and my false lash glue. My glue exploded, so I had to keep it somewhere it wouldnt leak on anything else. I also keep my pencil sharpeners here, because they get a little messy sometimes too. 

The right side is mainly home to all my loose glitter. Well, most of it. I also had shoved some random samples in this side. 

When you open the creame colored portion of the top of the tacklebox, you find an abyss of stuff I rarely use. I like to think of this area as real storage... Like a box at the top of your closet. :)

On the front of the box, there is a larger storage area with trays, and a smaller cubby whole (below). The cubby originally came with two organizational boxes, but there is additional room. 

This area fits the two boxes, my Sonia brushes, and my Urban Decay Pallet. The top left photo shows the area with the "door" closed, and the second with it open. 

The two storage boxes that came in the cubby are relatively small, and are sectioned into narrow areas. I havent really found anything to go in here, save for when i travel. So, for now, i keep Qtips and my misbehaved glitter... (tube broke... aka glitter explosion), but, as i mentioned, i am not one to throw something away!

The center part of the box has three stackable, slide-able storage trays or boxes, each that flip closed. This area also has a "door" that keeps the trays from sliding out. (if you look at the first picture of my set up, you can see!)

I store my pigments on their sides, so I can see the colors easily. The tacklebox came with little dividers to split up the isles, but i ran out of room! Here, you can see my tray for greens, blues, and yellows. I absolutely adore the set up of this case. I am actually running out of room! The other boxes are also color coordinated. Maybe I will take pictures of the individual boxes one of these days. 

Moving on... next to my tacklebox is random crap I have yet to put away. xD

Here is my next little treasure. I found this guy (the green storage container) in walmart's clearance isle for less than $2. 

It fits perfectly under where I keep my hair stuff. It has two drawers, a top area with a flip-up lid, and little cups on the top as well.

In the top part, with the flip up lid, I keep all my lip stuff. Glosses, lip bombs, etc. it all goes in there. Right now I don't have much, so it all fits with ease!

The top drawer is dedicated to my face stuff. I rarely do anything to my face, so this is all I have. I have a few this-and-thats I never use, a Concrete Minerals eye primer (review soon!), mousse concealer (that I only use on my lips, ironically enough), a bronzer, and a mineral veil. 

The bottom drawer is for whatever. lol. i have a few LA Colors pallets I collected, a few frankened bottles of nail polish (I actually keep most of my polish at the boyfriends house, oddly enough), my Salon Effects nail decals, an Ulta pressed shadow, and my beloved Polyester Bride shadow from Urban Decay. 

Here is the top part of the storage thing. Since it is under the shelf thinger, I cant really get to these things that easily. (i mean, its still easy, but i have to move the container out from under the shelf thing) I store my extra nose rings and kabuki brushes here. :)

And lastly: my hair/everything else shelf. 

Here is where I keep all my hair stuff: hair spray, serums, heat protective stuff, you name it. I also keep my deoderant, bandaids, makeup remover, scotch tape (for makeup), and perfume here, haha! I won't lose them that way. xD

Well, there you have it! You've just had a look into my morning routine... and the way my brain works! I know it may not be the prettiest vanity, but it works for me, AND it was extremely low budget! I love re-purposing old furniture and the like, and this seemed to work out perfectly. I love the design of this tackle box, because it fits all my pigments the way I want it to!

I should have my video on eyeliner up tomorrow! Its about waterlining, and a cheater way to tightline your eye. ;)

Hope you enjoyed! <3


  1. Nice storage . . . mine is in my bathroom and all over the place :( Sadly - I have no space.

  2. I feel ya :/

    I used to be confined to the back of the toilet, until one day, i decided to gut out my desk, which, thankfully I had.