Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Your Liner to Last: Setting Your Waterline With Pigment

Howdy Guys! So, those of you that wear eyeliner on your waterline... have you found something that actually lasts? Until last week, I hadn't. I had tried everything under the sun. Nothing seemed to work for me until I discovered this simple trick: setting your waterline with a pigment or shadow. 

Now, for the tutorial, I decided to do black, but you can CERTAINLY use other colors. :)

(This is the first installment of my mini series on EYELINER. Make sure to suggest things you would like to know more about!)

For this tutorial, I used a standard eyeliner pencil and a plain, matte black pigment, and a small shadow brush. An Angled brush may work better for this, but I do not own one at the moment. 

I warn you. This is my first video, thus... not very good. >.<
I sound like a total bitch, but I promise I am not!!

Let me know what you guys think!


  1. Nice video hun! I do this with primer first, then loose pigment, it lasts muuuuch longer.

  2. i have the inability to put anything wet (like primer) on my waterline. It freaks my eyes OUT. i dont know why. xD

    maybe i will grow some balls and try it, but for now, i have to stick to dry things. lol!

  3. I loved this tutorial. You're extremely entertaining too! I love putting white liner on my water line and then a bright colored pigment like fuchsia! It looks crazy!

  4. Gahh! You look and sound SO young! Now I feelz old D:

    I swear I've used gel liner and set it with matte pigment on my waterline before and still had it migrate into my corneas ... you know, that uber attractive mascara-goop look ... but maybe a regular pencil liner would work for me if it works for you :)

    Aw you don't sound like a bitch ^.^

  5. hehe, yes, i do sound young. xD im only 20 (very soon to be 21) but people guess me much younger. doesnt help that im only 5 feet tall too! :D

    I think it is all about finding what works best for you, because i have heard people rant and rave about the UD 24 liners, but they did not do the job for me.

  6. Dude I LOVE YOU!!! You just made me choke on my goldfish!!! IT TICKLES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!
    I am dying laughing here, I find cussing funny apparently!! This is an awesome video and your lighting is GREAT!!!

  7. I think I should try this haha :D I don't think it works, because my eyes are dry, sensitive and water all the time, but very much worth a try still :D

  8. You are so ADORABLE! "It tickles the shit out of me!!" LOL So cute!

    The video was great (lighting, picture quality, and sound), and you presented the information very well. And you kind of sound like Wynona Rider, which is epic.

    Love it! <3

  9. Beautifully presented :)

    I had JUST done my waterline when I watched this and while I don't have a matte black pigment or shadow,I totally just sat here scrunching my eyes up XD

    Also, I would love to see your fish! My b/f and I have 7 tanks at the minute XD Crazy fish people

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