Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love & Hate Collection: Madd Style Cosmetics Swatches

So, I received a sample pack of Madd Style Cosmetic's Valentine's Day Love and Hate Collection! This collection comes with 5 colors: Heartbreaker, Til Death, Revenge, Lust, and Kiss with a fist. Trying to decide if you need it? Maybe this will help!

What to expect from this collection:
 5g jars of pretty pinks and purples for a really sweet and soft collection for only $20.
 Extremely shimmery shades, all consistent.
The same smooth, quality pigments you would expect from Madd Style. No change in quality due to the "collection status", unlike other companies! 

"♥ HEARTBREAKER: a pink toned purple with silver, blue and pink glitter."

♥ TIL DEATH: a pretty bubblegum pink with lots of pink and purple glitter."
**makes an awesome gloss**

"♥ REVENGE: a frosty, silvery purple with viloet [sic] glitter."

"♥ LUST: a very coral pink with silver and pink glitter."

."♥ KISS WITH A FIST: a transparent white that is BURSTING with pink glitz and iridescense. Makes for a wonderful highlight."


All the swatches below are on a white base: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

These pictures just DONT do these colors justice. They are all extremely glittery, and have this awesome consistent shimmer. So, I bring you my newest feature.... THE MOVING SWATCH (lol). yay! Taken in direct sunlight. Tell me if ya like this feature!

Here's a really simple and sweet look I did using the entire collection! Til Death is featured on the lips!

Above: With Flash

But wait! There's more!
Use the code KISSTHIS on Valentine's Day, and get 25% off EVERYTHING in the shop!

What do you think of this collection? Do you have it? Do you want it? Have any questions?


  1. aww I love it! wish i could get it, wear it all the time for me! Also, tell us how you make your lippie gloss it always looks bitchin!

  2. Also, Moving Swatch is the shiznet love it! Def do it next time!

  3. Moving swatch is nice! Very innovative.

  4. I just bought it... You convinced me that I needed it after seeing the swatches and the look you did.

    Btw, Love the moving swatch =D

  5. It is pretty but I did not get it . . . too much pink for me. I rarely use pink >.<

    I like it as a gloss.