Sunday, February 27, 2011

Orion Eyes. In Memoriam.

Well, it is a sad day in the Eige household. As you probably don't know, the eige is a fish lover, and has a little collection of her own. One of my oldest, friendliest fishies past away this morning. Her name was Orion (we originally thought she was male, lol), and she was a whimsical twin tail oranda. Freaking beautiful fish. Unfortunately, I only have one picture of my lil fish from when we first got her about 2 years ago.

A little silly to do a memorial look for your late pet goldfish? Maybe. Do I care? Not a bit.

I based the colors off of my Orion directly. She had a really pale yellow and white belly, which faded into bright orange and gold on her sides. She had a touch of true deep orange on her as well. :)

I used Madd Style's Dr. Rockso and Princess Buttahcup on the inner half of my eye, blended into Boognish in the outer v. I added a little bit of Kick Ass on the outer corner too, to deepen the orange color. 

I also added pure orange glitter on the lower lash line to make my eyes flash like my lil fishie did. My base was NYX's pearl base Cream Cheese. I used this to give my look the shimmer and texture I was looking for. 

well, I went out today and got myself a new little goldfish. Same breed, because I adore the way they look swimming next to my other fish... like my big muscular koi. What should I name him? I really like celestial names... or something bad ass. What is your suggestion?


  1. Aww... swim far and fast little fishie! RIP. (but I love the orange on you :))

  2. Aw! Fishies need remembering too! Great look for a pretty fish.

  3. Awh. I'm sorry to hear about your fish, Eige. You memorialized her beautifully. :)

  4. A beautiful way to pay tribute Eige :)

    It seems to have been a bad week for fish, i lost my entire collection of female siamese fighters :(

    Orion was very pretty x