Saturday, May 7, 2011

Maleficent: Win? Fail?

Well, today I set off on my journey to explore the world of cut creases. Within seconds, I realized I wasn't very good at it. I kept on playing, and I came out with something pretty darn kick ass looking. :O
*note: after I realized that this look was NOT going to be a good candidate for a cut crease, I blended until my little self was happy with a different look, so I didn't have to waste any makeup!

Lets see. I used:
Madd Style Cosmetics' Acid Bath
Madd Style Cosmetics' Ecto Cooler
Beauty From the Earth Limeade (OMFGI LOVE THIS)
Madd Style Cosmetics' Mondo
Urban Decay Polyester Bride (highlight)

I adore the way the greens really BOUNCE off the purple. it made my brown eyes actually look brownish rather than black!

Coming up this weekend: How to Make Lipstick-Style Color from Your Pigments

This is a preview!

Next in my line of lip-color-related tutorials is making lipstick-style lip color from your pigments!
While practicing my organization and colors to use, I came across this gem: Virus Insanity Eyeshadow's Love Bite as lip color.... and figured I would feel guilty if I didn't share. :O
 *I accidentally labelled it as "Love Bites" - that is a typo! its actually called Love Bite. :)


 *Love Bite as a lipstick-style gloss

Love Bite as a MEGA glossy gloss!
*sorry for the blurry picture!

I need to know a few things before posting the tut - what color would you like to see appear in the next tutorial?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quick Tip: Refresh Your Hair Color

If you have fabulously funky hair, say... a whole head of bright green... you know what it is like to have your hair fade, and fade quickly. 

Try mixing in some left over dye into your shampoo for a quick refresher to your hair's color. Since I only have streaks... I occasionally take a little bit of purple dye and brush it in with a toothbrush a few minutes before I shower. :)