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Review - Madd Style Lip Service

Alright guys and gals. A few weeks ago I received my haul of Madd Style Cosmetic's lip goodies. I own a lot of Madd Style, so I figured it would be best to review them by category & item. Today we will be taking a look at Scuffed Up Lip Scrub, Lip Bomb, and Uber Boss Lip Gloss

First up: Scuffed Up Lip Scrub. 

Madd Style Cosmetic's Scuffed Up Lip Scrub is "100% vegan" and comes packaged in a 5g jar with about .2ml of product. What does this mean? Well, my jar came full to the TOP with product. The product originally sold for $3 a pot, but Madd Style recently lowered the price to around $1.50; the price I purchased it at. I got the "plain" flavor - sugar - which is actually as far from "plain" as you can get. But I will rant about that in a bit. 

Now, I have never ever used any variation of lip scrub before. I was so curious as to what this stuff was. According to the listing, Scuffed Up Lip Scrub is "a super sweet exfoliator that buffs away dead skin cells leaving your lips smooth and supple." Is this true? You be the judge. (click the photo for a mega up-close of my kisser.)

So, does it work? I think so. It leaves your lips a little red afterwards, but what can you expect? its a scrub.  It moisturizes and leaves your lippies feeling like new. The best part? This stuff smells/tastes amazing. Sugary goodness. I end up licking it off every time I use it! I can only imagine what the rest of Madd Style's flavors are like, if this is the "plain" variation.  So, is it worth the $1.50? I would say so. If you are like me and constantly have chapped lips, this might be well worth the investment. The 5g jar will last you a pretty long time, too. I can imagine that once you get to the bottom of the pot, the product might be a pain to get out, but I will get back at you. :)
Additional Info:
Scuffed Up Lip Scrub has sun protecting spf 8 natural minerals.
is loaded with shea butter, cocoa butter,natural vitamin E, 
certified vegan fair trade natural cane sugar, and certified organic agave nectar.

Madd Style Lip Bombs

Lets see, where to start. "Lip Bomb" is Madd Style's line of lip balms. I had gotten 4 Madd Style Lip Bombs in "Miss Muffcake," "The Dude," "Taboo," and "Strawberry Fields." All of these bombs are clear/shimmery, save for Miss Muffcake, which is pigmented. 

Miss Muffcake: A tinted lip balm, almost and antique rose color. It seems to go well with a lot of skin tones. I really like it thus far. (see swatch later)

The Dude: A clear, and barely shimmery balm. Based off the movie The Big Lebowski, this bomb is scented like Kahlua. This is my FAVORITE bomb. By far. I will die when I run out. Kahlua lip balm... hell yes. 

Taboo: A clear, shimmery balm that is scented like grapefruits and citrus. This one is a good wake-me-up lip balm. :)

Strawberry Fields: A clear, super shimmery balm scented like strawberries. This one is really strong, so if you are a strawberry lover, this one is probably for you. 

 Each Lip Bomb came heat sealed in plastic. I really appreciate this, because since it is going on my mouth, it makes me feel really safe using the product. It could be one of those metal things, but I really appreciate this feature.

Each Lip Bomb comes hand labeled, as seen above. Though some might think this is "unprofessional," I think it add a little bit of a personal touch to Madd Style's products.

Above: Taboo in all its shimmery glory. :)
Below: Miss Muffcake in the tube & applied. The application is actually pretty opaque, and lasts quite a while. I definitely recommend this bomb for your collection.  

Lip Bombs are sold for $2.75 - are they worth it? Well, the Dude sure is. To be honest I haven't really used Taboo or Strawberry Fields because I am so addicted to The Dude. They are really lightweight, and dont feel like you are swiping straight wax on your lips. They leave your lips moisturized, and well, I'm addicted to The Dude. o.o' Thats all I can think about. Dude. you need The Dude. 
Additional Info:
 Ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, walnut oil, rice bran oil, safflower oil, flax seed oil, vitamin E, aloe, soy wax.

Uber Boss Lip Gloss

I also ordered the last of the trifecta by ordering on of Madd Style's Uber Boss Lip Gloss in the famed Frankencake. Frankencake is a gloss scented like cake. yes. cake. I feel like I smell sugar cookies too. either way.

Uber Boss Lip Gloss comes packaged in a 6ml tube with a standard gloss wand. This one was heat sealed, but stupid me forgot to take a picture. The one thing I noticed is that it is kind of hard to get the gloss out. I usually have to dip it in the tube a few times to get a fair amount of gloss out, but i think it is well worth it. 

As you can tell, the gloss contains a fair amount of glitz. Lots of glitter throughout! Not too much though, like when we were 14 an the more quarter sized glitter pieces we could fit in your gloss the cooler. Super fine, super sparkly, goodness.

Upon further inspection, I noticed a lot of glitter collected on the bottom of the tube (photo below). Does this bother me? NO. why? Because the glitter is EVEN throughout the gloss, meaning that it was blended well, and Madd Style thought about settling glitter particles, and compensated. 

Below is a bare skin swatch of the gloss. :) 

Next up, Frankencake over The Dude. Love? I believe so. 

As you can see, it has the perfect amount of glitz for your kisser. Personally, I love it. So... why buy Uber Boss Lip Gloss? Well, for starters, just like the rest of Madd Style's products, this gloss is vegan. Here's the main difference though. It isn't sticky, and is really light. I used to love sticky glosses... I didn't know what i was missing!!! It is so smooth, and lasts surprisingly longer than other indie glosses. 
Additional Info:
has sun protecting spf 8 natural minerals.
is loaded with shea butter, cocoa butter,natural vitamin E, aloe... and lots of other lip 

So Eige....
Will I buy Madd Style's lip stuffs again? YES. especially The Dude. *dies*
Why? It's vegan. It feels natural. It is cost effective. Its handmade. 
I love the feeling of these products. Soft, smooth, and light. and they LAST. 

Where do I buy Madd Style Cosmetics? visit the etsy shop!! 

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  1. I have the uber gloss, I just took the piece out from the middle lol all my glosses have that same thing and I always end up just taking it out because I never get enough gloss