Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rainbow Eyes - Photo Tutorial

Hola guys! Today we have a really colorful rainbow look tutorial in store for you! I am still working on my video recording situation, but i think i finally will have videos up for you soon! I'm just getting over heavy metal poisoning, so bare with me!


What you will need:

You will need at least one of each of the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and a highlighting color. I used Dazzle Dust for fun. :)

 Madd Style Cosmetic's Outlaw Star: Any red or pink will work for this. I chose a dark pink purely because I like the way it looks. :)

 Madd Style Cosmetic's Boognish: any bright orange will do, but I must say, Boognish is my favorite!

 Yellow Pigment: With that being said, I would use any bright yellow! Shimmers work better than mattes for this look!

 Green Pigment: Any shimmery green will work! Madd Style's Frankenstein might work! Virus Insanity has a few colors that would work perfectly too!

 Madd Style Aja from the Jem Collection: A bright primary blue!

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Flash: any good covering primary purple will work!

Madd Style's Xray Spex: a highlighter color of your choice! xray spex is my go to!

For this look, I used a small eyeshadow brush, and a highlighting brush. 

A white base & primer. I used NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk, and Urban Decay's Primer Potion (Original). The primer will make sure your shadows wont fade and will stay in place, while the base will make your colors POP!

Your favorite liquid and pencil eyeliners, and your favorite mascara!   I used Maybelline's Line Express pencil in Ebony Black, Revlon's Colorstay liquid liner in Blackest Black, and Rimmel's Glam Eyes mascara.

Start off with a clean face :) Also make sure to wash your hands, as with any activity that involves your hands near your face. :)

Prime your lids! I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Make sure you give your primer a good 5- 10 minutes to dry before applying your base. 

With your NYX Milk, "draw" on your base, and blend out with your finger. :)

Make sure that your base isnt on too heavily: this may cause creasing. If you are uncomfortable using your finger, a brush would suffice. 

Using your small shadow brush, apply the yellow to the inner part of your lid and duct. remember to pat on your shadow as opposed to dragging it on: this will help to avoid fall out. 

Apply your green shad next to the yellow, in a line. blend the edges into the yellow, making sure that there isnt a hard line between colors. 

Apply your blue next, in the same lined fashion. 

Next, blend your blue into the green, and pull the color out the the outer v of your eye. I pulled the color up to my orbital bone.

Apply the purple to the very outer corner, and on your orbital bone: softly blending it with the blue pigment.

Blend the purple up along your orbital bone, midway across your eye. Make sure to blend, blend, and blend! 

Here's the shape of the purple that we are going for. :)

Add the orange under your lower lashline, blending it in with the yellow pigment on your duct. Bring this color about halfway across your lower lashline. 

Next, take your pink or red and blend it from the orange back into the purple. Pink works well here because it will blend nicely with the orange, but also blends nicely into the purple.

Apply your highlight color with your highlighting brush. this should make the top of your colors blend out more, and soften any edges that still remain. Add a litte Dazzle Dust if you want as well, it will make you feel like a disco ball. 

Line your upper lid with liquid eyeliner. If you arent comfortable using liquid, go ahead and use your pencil. I added a little wing on the outer corner. 

I then added my black pencil liner to my waterline. :)

Apply your mascara! Almost done! Finish off with a cute gloss, and youre on your way!!

What did you think of this tutorial? Hopefully I will have my video capabilities working soon! Hoping to have my rainbow lip tutorial up soon as well!

SHOW ME YOURS! Show me your dupe of this look, and enter in a chance to have your version of this look featured on my blog!