Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Many Makeup Addicts Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?

Well. a few days ago, I was faced with a problem. My god mirror burnt out. 

As a note, the light didn't die a natural death. I surged the outlet, and blew the bulb out. So, god mirror still stands at god status, but it apparently can't take an alarm clock, an ihome, a mirror, a hair straightener, and a camera charger all plugged into one outlet without a surge protector... oops. >.<'

Anyways, I know that many of you out there have illuminated mirrors, and I figured I would share my experience with you, just in case you have to replace the bulb. My first though was "DAMMIT. Now I have to buy a new mirror." Well, you don't. To fix your problems, you need the following. 

- pocket screw driver. make sure that if your mirror has phillips screws, to have a phillips head screwdriver.
- small bowl, paper plate, what-have-you. just something to hold the screws.
- replacement bulbs.*

OK. Lets do this. 

Locate the screws holding the illuminated mirror together. On my mirror, they are found on either side of the mirror. As you can see, the mirror is divided into two parts; a thicker side and a thinner side. The actual bulb is fastened on the thicker side. Make note of which side is which for easy access of the bulb. 

If your mirror can rotate, situate the mirror HORIZONTALLY with the thinner side UP, and the thicker side DOWN. This will give you ease of access to the bulb. :)

Using your screwdriver, remove the screws from both sides of your mirror. 

These screws are teeny. If you are like me and drop/lose things easily, I would suggest putting them in a bowl or on a plate. 

Once all screws are taken out, lift the "top" of the mirror up. This might take a little elbow grease. ;)

And there you have the burnt out little sucker staring you in the face, along with a warning label or two. 

Take out the old bulb. 

*You can buy the replacement bulbs off of beauty websites and in stores such as bed bath and beyond for $6ish a bulb. Prices may vary depending on what site/store you go to. :) 

upon further research, I found out that these bulbs are... dun dun dun.... the same bulbs found in the back of your microwave. These are much cheaper, generally. Since things have so many options these days, I would take a trip to the store, burnt out bulb in hand, and compare it to the new bulbs in the hardware isle. I couldnt find any microwave bulbs that were shaped the same and had the same threading width, but i did find these, which would work as a cheap alternative as well. 

 They were the same wattage, and same threading. I paid about $3 for 2 bulbs. This picture makes them look giant. they are actually just a little bigger than a night light bulb. Make sure to stay within the suggested wattage. I know that it would be better to have the same type (shape) of bulb, but I am still on the hunt.

Change out the bulb. :)

Ta Dah!

Reassemble your mirror, being sure to put back all the screws. 

KEEP the original bulb for reference. 

And eige said, let there be light. :) 


  1. Cool . . . I was thinking it is the same as a night light bulb but they aren't bright enough probably.

  2. Yeah, night light bulbs are 4 watts - this one takes 20!

  3. Awesome, Eige! I need one of these!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I have an identical makeup mirror, and when it stopped lighting I was pretty sure it was going to require some super expensive specialty bulb. I'd have gotten around to opening it up eventually, but now that I know it's going to be easy, I won't put it off. Such a simple thing, but you made my life easier!