Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beth Br00tality's "Show Me Your Green" Contest Entry!

Hey guys! This is my entry for Beth Br00tality's "Show Me Your Green" contest!
for additional information visit Beth's video here:

My inspiration was St. Patrick's day... the way eige would do it. I added the stud on my eye and nails to make it more glam rock, the way I like it! I know you can't exactly see it in the picture, but I added TONS of silver glitter around my eye/temple and on my nails to represent the snow that still lingers in the cold months of March here in Chicagoland. ^.^

I applied Madd Style Cosmetics (MSC) Dr. Rockso in the duct, and blended into Ecto Cooler on the inside corner of the eye, reaching to the middle of the lid. I then blended out Frankenstein into the outer v of my eye. Trashed was applied to the orbital bone, blending into Dr. Rockso as a highlight!

 Frankenstein as a gloss, with an unnamed, unkown glittery lime in the middle of each lip, blended out. 

To tie in with the rest of the look, I added a bunch of silver glitter, as well as a stud on my thumb nail. :)

Nails: a green Nicole polish, and Zoya's raven with a little bit of Nicole's silver glitter polish.

Here is my official entry! Watch for a few extra pictures, and some awesome tunes. :)

Thanks so much for viewing guys!! If you ever see a look that you would like to see a tutorial of, PLEASE let me know!

What do you guys think? I really liked the lips this time around, to be honest! Though green isnt usually my nail color - I am in lust with this look on my fingers! I doubt I will win this one, there are amazing entries! 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING, especially the awesome lips!

  2. i wanna know how you did the liiiiiiiiips! <3 i hope you win! this is amazing.