Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish - The Aftermath

As many of you guys know, Zoya Nail Polish had a sale for their facebook viewers a few weeks back. 
The deal was that if you entered a code upon checkout, you get 3 polishes for FREE, just pay shipping!!

I jumped on that - and got a purple, black, and silver. It took 2ish weeks to get to me, but I have to say... it was worth the wait. 

The three colors I got were Harmonie (purple), Raven (black), and Trixie (silver). 

These swatches are just after 2 coats. They both went on VERY smooth and dried quickly. 
The purple... I'm not so happy with. It is sheer, and has grey tones to it. It's pretty, but its just not me. 

The black and silver, however, kick my ass. This is probably my favorite silver EVER. I am a silver fiend, and this one is just awesome. And the black. OH! the black! I am in LOVE with this black. It isn't your standard glossy black. It has very FINE sparkle to it. My camera couldn't even pick it up. I usually always have black on my nails, but I always wished it could be a little more girly. I don't really like big sparkles, or shimmery black, but this shade is PERFECT. It covers in 2 coats, and actually makes me feel feminine!!

I WILL be buying Zoya again! I am so impressed. Shipping kinda sucked, but Zoya is also available at Ulta... so now I will be taking a second look at the nail bar when I stop by the store!

Love it!!


  1. Did not know Zoya is available at Ulta. I love my greenish color I got. I need my nails longer and I'd post a pic.
    Eige, do you mind if I ask what font you use in your pics or where I could get a nice font? I'm new to pic-editing; would love to use something more than just the "usual" font.
    Also, do you mind if I ask what program you use when editing your photos? Thank you!!

  2. Zoya is available at my Ulta, at least, so I imagine it might be at yours. :) I don't usua;;y go by the nail polishes... too expensive!

    a GREAT place to get fonts is a website called The 2 or 3 of my "signature" fonts came from that website, i believe. :)

    I use Photoshop, but, since i doubt you can/want to drop a few hundred dollars on a photo-editing program, I would recommend GIMP ( or Photofiltre ( Both of those are free programs that will allow you to do what you need to do. I used to use both of them! If you do not want to download any programs, Piknik ( is an online photo editor... granted, not as good, but it will get the job done, probably easier.

    i hope this helped!