Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eye of the Day - 4

Got my haul of Madd Style Cosmetics in the mail yesterday... I can't wait to do an official review!!

I used Studio Effects Carribean Sea Star Dust on my duct, MSC Nirvana on the inner corner, MSC Disco Biscuit on the center of the lid, and MSC Spooky Girl on the outer corner, and from the hollow up to the orbital bone. Then put a little MSC x-ray spex on the brow bone. 

shhhh... I also swept a little MSC Dazzle Dust from under my eye up to my temple. :D

Lips: MSC "Frankencake" gloss over MSC "The Dude" lip bomb (love love love). 


  1. Beautiful!!! I love the eye shot.

    ~ Jenny

  2. Eige, if you ever start doing video tutorials, I want to see your techniques for tightlining and waterlining!

  3. lovely! ps you rock at eye makeup pictures. You are awesome at angles etc for them. *envy* lol