Saturday, January 1, 2011

EOTD - New Years Edition!


Alright everyone. This is my new years look! I wanted to go "louder" but I knew the people I was going to be partying with weren't dressing up too much, so I kept the awesome to a minimum. :)

Black with massive amounts of GLITTER!! with a nude lip. 

Sorry for these terrible pictures, I hadn't planned on posting these, but I changed my mind. 

I used Urban Decay's Polyester Bride
Glittersniffer's Gloom Cloud & OG Stuntin'
Random loose cosmetic grade silver glitter
Some kick-ass half falsies

I was thinking about doing a video tutorial on this look - what do you think?

* I do not endorse, support, or recommend the use of Glittersniffer Cosmetics. For alternatives, email me at 


  1. I love this look and I think you should do a vid tutorial :)
    Polyester Bride = Urban Decay right?

  2. steph - YES. DUH!! I think I was talking about Ulta, and forgot what I was typing about... lol!

  3. lol i figured, it was afterall purchased at Ulta lol :) just checkin tho.

  4. YES TO A TUT!!! I LOVE these looks you do, especially with heavy black & I need to learn how to make it work! I need to make it my bitch. You shall teach me.