Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eye of the Day - 8 "REV3RT"

So, after yesterday's happy rainbow fun time, I had to revert back to my darker roots and do a really dark version of a smoky eye to balance it out. 

Over a black base:
Old Glittersniffer's Toothache all over everything. 
Madd Style's Nirvana on the orbital bone, blended up into Madd Style's Xray Spex.
Glittersniffer's Pegasus on the duct area. 

*I do not support, endorse, or reccomend the use of Glittersniffer Cosmetics. For alternatives, email me at for color suggestions. :)

I'm working on my photo tutorial for frankening your pigments into nail polish, I should have it done soon.. keep on the look out!

1 comment:

  1. very nice. and ps the last picture (the one with your whole face is a very good one of you)