Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Two Cents - freakin' god-mirrors.

I's sure I'm not alone when I say that I used to do my makeup in my poorly lit room, with my face centimeters away from the mirror, blending until I went cross-eyed. I was so fed up. 

So, I finally saved up and stepped foot into Ulta. eep.

Alright - you see this bad boy? 
This thing is probably the BEST makeup related thing I have EVER bought.
I kid you not. If you were stuck in doing your makeup in a poorly lit room like me, this thing will like the coming of the reflective savior. God-mirror.

Now, at first, I didn't want this one at all. $35 is a LOT to spend on a mirror. I mean, its a mirror. After standing in the isles gazing at these mirrors, I decided to go with one that wasn't illuminated, and a little smaller. I took a stroll around the store, mulling around my finances, and finally came to this conclusion:
Hell. I deserve a kick ass mirror. I am worth $35. 

So, I bought the darned mirror and brought it home. I am SO GLAD I went through with it. The mirror rotates 360 degrees, and lights up on both sides. The one side is a standard mirror, and the other side s 7x magnification. The mirror itself is oval, and pretty big (7x9.5"). The lighting is perfect. Not too yellow, not to blue. The mirror is SO clear, and is anti-fog for bathroom settings. It is sturdy, which is good for me, since I have a bad habit of knocking EVERYTHING over. 

You know that fancy little half moon I have in my eyes in all my makeup pictures? Yeah. That's my god-mirror. 

One thing that I really like about this mirror is that it has an additional outlet on the back, that works even if the light isn't on. Perfect for a hair straightener or what have you. :) It is a standard 2-prong, so it should fit a majority of your beauty things, as well as camera chargers, if you are me. 

  This mirror also has an on/off switch for the light. No reaching to unplug, no reaching for the turny thing on the cord. It's right there, in reach. 

Do you need this?
If you are stuck in front of a bathroom mirror squinting and struggling to see what the heck you are doing, just like I was.... YES. You need it. Now, I don't have a whole lot of money, and $35 was a lot for me to spend on a mirror, but I DO NOT regret it at all. It was worth EVERY penny. I recommend this mirror to anyone and everyone. 

Where can I get it?
This mirror is available in a few different finishes, and available in a bunch of places... but the two I recommend is: or in stores



  1. I am gonna get one like this. I did not know that the round ones had lights. I thought you had to get the weird square scary looking ones!!

  2. Oh god ......... like I needed ANOTHER item on my wish list!!!

  3. i need... but, gah. $35!!! Wait,I have Valentine's and an anni coming up. Real romantic gift toask for, right? lol

  4. It really is the god-mirror. Thank you thank you thank you for recommending it. It solved my lighting problem. and i HATE doing my makeup with out it now... thus it gets toted around my house when i decide to do my makeup somewhere other than my room. best mirror ever.

  5. I really need this . . . like bad.

  6. Tagged you with a blog award! ^_~