Friday, December 17, 2010


Hey guys, this is a terrible camera phone photo of myself!
The name’s Christine Eige. Im the girl addicted to school, dinos, video games, and makeup. Im dark, opinionated, emotional, and ready to tell you what i think. 
This blog will hopefully be dedicated to a personal 365 makeup photo journal, along with special tutorials, reviews, swatches, and tips , tricks, and EVERYTHING in between! HOWEVER, i am not going to be limited to makeup. i want to review hair dyes, nail polish, piercing hygiene, and everything else i can think of. :D

i generally go BOLD or go home. :) cool colors are my thing, but i WILL be branching out just for you guys. Hopefully this will be a learning process for me, and fun for everyone! <3
About the girl: i am a graphic designer and full time student by day, and a free lance artist by night. if you have deviantart, you can find me here:
I am DIRT poor, struggling to get  by day to day. I will be reviewing products that i encounter or already have, but wont be able to go out and buy a bunch of new ones to review JUST for the sake of reviewing. :( but NO WORRIES! i will mix it up and keep it exciting! <3

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  1. love it!! Am looking forward to reading more! And wordy is good for future reference ;) Details are important when reviewing items I think. But I've been accused of being too wordy on numerous occasions lol Also, I think that is a bitchin photo of you <3