Sunday, December 26, 2010

Review - Scardey Cat Cosmetics

After a recent falling out with my previous pigment company, Glittersniffer Cosmetics, I have been on the hunt for new cosmetics companies... bad for me... GREAT for you!

 As I was searching through, I stumbled across a small pigment company under the name of Scaredy Cat Cosmetics. I'm not going to lie. The first thing that drew me into their shop WASN'T the colors... it was the AWESOME packaging. As a graphic designer, these kick-ass little jars nearly made me wet myself. I HAD to have it. I did't care about the bills I had to pay. All I knew was that I adored these little things.... so I purchased SCC's "Chakra," seen below.

My shadow arrived 3 or 4 days after placing the order, tightly and safely packaged. No spillage. Now that's what I call FAST shipping. They were shipped in a BOX, not thrown into an envelope to fly around. The days between, however, I was conversing with the owner of the company: great communication. If you have any questions, I am pretty confident that Scaredy Cat will get back to you in a timely manner. 

Now, before I get my reviewing pants on:

The photos on Etsy are a little misleading, because the pots look HUGE, but as I was photographing these for the blog, I quickly found out that is it hard NOT to make look huge. The listing clearly states that they are 3 gram pots, so I have NO problem. Just my imagination getting a little carried away. ;P

As seen in the first image, two of the three sides have kick-ass designs coordinating with the color, and one side that is clear. I really liked this because you can see what color you are picking up, without having to turn it upside-down or all around.

Not only did I receive the color I ordered, I received a sample of "Teal Deer" - a snowy blue color - in a vial. 

Both the vial and the pot were both very professionally labeled - a plus in my book. One thing I didn't like? They both didn't have individual color labels. Now, you can obviously SEE the colors, but for obsessive people like me, the name on the pot or vial might help. 

Now, lets talk about the versatility of this nifty packaging. I HATE vials. This is nothing against SCC, lots of other cosmetics companies use vials too. I cant get a brush in the darn things, and when I tap out color, I (without fail) tap out too much and can't get the remaining pigment back in. >.<

As far as the pots go, I really like them. They are funky and fun, and the clear side makes it really easy to see the colors. I'm not sure about storage quite yet, but with my current storage system, it works. Based on your feedback and my own experiences, I will be sure to write a follow up on this aspect. :)


This is in comparison to the standard 5 gram pots many of us are used to. The full size jars are a funky variation of a 3 gram jar, and hold 1.5-2 grams of product. The full size pots are available for $5 - a little expensive for 3 gram jars, but I think it is worth it. These things come PACKED full of pigment. Now, I wanted to make clear that the owner of the company did NOT know I was a reviewer until after my package was shipped out, so I didn't get any special "fill the pot completely" treatment. This is standard. The Trial Vials come packed full with 1/4 of  teaspoon of pigment, a good size for a sample, in my opinion. 

The pot came with a rubbery sifter, which I immediately removed. 

"Chakra" is a deep violet color, with a lot of turquoise glitter. The pigment itself is definately more shimmer than glitter. The pigment isn't clumpy or chunky. It is well mixed, and true to its color. It is HIGHLY pigmented, and goes on smoother than any other pigment I have ever used.

From left to right: Chakra applied with a clean brush on top of: nude primer, a white base, and a black base. 

Teal Dear is HIGHLY pigmented, and is purely shimmer. Not too much glitter in this one. It is a snowy light blue, with undertones of green. :)
From left to right: Teal Dear applied with a clean brush on top of: nude primer, a white base, and a black base.

The thing I like most about SCC: "All pigments are cruelty-free and free of parabens, fillers, fragrances, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and every other strange unpronounceable ingredient listed in store brand cosmetics. Many of our pigments are vegan. Every color is custom blended, never repackaged or created from pre-made bases."

Every listing lists wheter or not the pigment is vegan, and if it is safe for eyes, face, or both. 
Both pigments I purchased are vegan, and safe for eyes and face. 

The Positives:
*Great ship time
*Fabulous communication
*Shipped and packaged safely, no spills. In a BOX.
*Awesome packaging
*Pots filled FULL
*Clear side of pot for easy color viewing
*Highly pigmented, smooth application, colors as described on the website
*Most colors are vegan friendly, or otherwise stated. No lies. 

The Negatives:
* Vials. I HATE vials. 
*Color name not included on the actual pot of pigment
*Potential awkward storage?

Will I buy Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Again?
Yes. I will. Though their shop only offers a few colors, the quality is amazing. I can't wait for this shop to expand and offer some brighter colors in a larger variety! GOOD LUCK SCC! 


  1. Good info think I may give them a try

  2. Great review! I order the 10 sample set :)

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