Monday, December 20, 2010

My Two Cents & Mini Review - NYX Jumbo Pencils

Oh... where to begin?

When I first started using loose pigments, I bought my very first tube of ELF eye primer, and went to work. Much to my dismay, the colors of the pigment turned out looking NOTHING like the pictures I had seen online. I could not get these colors to look bright... at all: I was so upset that I had wasted my money. 

But then... a light from above told me to try NYX jumbo pencils. THESE have been my savior. It really makes your eyeshadow stick to your eye, giving you extra color insurance... and they are SO creamy and luscious. Many girls that use NYX Jumbo pencils use them as a base for their eyeshadows - loose OR pressed. A base goes on after the eye primer of your choice, yet before the shadow itself. :) Two of the most popular colors are black and white... better known as Milk and Black Bean, however, NYX offers these bases in a LARGE variety of colors. You can check them out here

So Eige, what jumbo pencils do YOU own... and what do you think of them?

For starters, I only own what I could afford. I own 4 colors: Milk, Black Bean, Purple Velvet, and Cottage Cheese. :)

Milk: I use this one more than ANY of my other jumbo pencils. this color REALLY makes your shadows bright, and makes them POP against almost any skin tone. It is really creamy, but not oily.  I will put a tutorial up on how to use these in the next few weeks! but in short, you "color" it on your eye like a crayon, then blend with your finger!  

Black Bean... eh. Mine is a little on the oily side. Black is intimidating to a lot of people, and this isn't an exception. However, once you get the hang of it, it can really make a difference.... its a must have for smokey eyes!! <3 

Cottage Cheese is the white pearl. Not oily at all! It's not opaque as some others, but it really puts that sparkle into your look. :) For some reason, this one makes my pigments "crackly"... but it could be something I am doing wrong? Anyone else have the problem?

Purple Velvet. *sigh* To be perfectly honest, I haven't really gotten the hang of this one. It's a near blackish purple... once I have mastered it, I will be sure to let you guys know! <3

So Eige, give us the bad news. 

Well, to be honest, there isn't much I can criticize! I have only encountered a few issues, one of which was my fault. I have a really bad habit of pushing the cap on too hard... breaking the cap... and shoving product into the cap, thus, wasting it (see below). The solution to the problem is depotting the sticks....(picture tutorial... coming up!), which allows you to use ALL of the product without stupid stuff like this happening. PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR FULL SIZE! <3

The only other issue I have had is... when you go to sharpen the pencils, the edges of the plastic get jagged. I always forget about this, and end up stabbing my eyelids. Again, depotting the sticks would solve this problem... or just paying attention to whether or not you need to sharpen your pencil... lol!

Would I buy this again?
Absolutely. These add SO much dimension to your shadows.They are really easy to use, creamy, and wonderful. They give GREAT coverage, and last a long time! The few problems they have are just my own stupid mistakes, and can be avoided by depotting if they become too much of a problem. 

Here is a picture of ONE pigment - Glittersniffer's Delerious - with 2 different bases. The first is on Milk, the second is on Black Bean, and the last is bare. :)

... and thats my two cents!!! <3

I buy ALL my NYX pencils off of ebay for about half price... never used or opened! For example.. here is a bid for 2 - any color... for about the same price as 1 in stores. o.0


  1. 0.0 NEEED. (esp if i get some of the loose pigments I'm planning on getting. I do use a primer thing (its an under eye concealer and a primer in one) and it works ok but not fantastic. I'm def. going to need to get some of this.
    Thanks for posting about this!
    Also thank you for posting the pic of how shadow looks w the black and the white. Its cool to see how the different color affects the pigment color (which it obviously makes sense that it does but it prolly wouldnt have occured to me to use the black under a pigment n see what it did lol i iz nooblet)
    I realllllly like this post its reallly helpful!

  2. Greta post! I just have black bean, cottage cheese and milk, but I'm eyeballing other colors! :)

  3. Love the review! I only have cottage cheese (caz i like teh shimmer lol). A cheap alternative is Wet N Wild's Kohl Eyeliners they are soft and creamy and are only about $1 each at most drugstores! Though you can also score a sweet deal for the NYX Jumbo Pencils on ebay as well :)

  4. Good review, I just ordered some off Ebay - wayyyy cheaper than buying them in-store in Canada. Can't wait to see the depotting tutorial :)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pencils. I recently started depotting mine into clean 5g jars (3g will work if you're careful) using a heat gun and a pair of plyers. I love them that way and you don't need to sharpen them or worry about the cheap-ass caps!