Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Versus: White Nail Polish

Alright. I was going to do black today, but I ran out. So, until next time, I bring you CHEAP white nail polish. 
I know this may not be a good comparison, but I am working with what I have! <3
All photos taken in indoor light, on account of the 9 inches of snow outside my door. 
I really would like to try OPI or any of the other enamels. but until then....

Going head-to-head today is:
Nina Ultra Pro Salon Formula 709

Maybelline Express Finish in French Tip White 340


both looked pretty milky, no big difference. :)


Maybelline's 304 has a little bit more shine. Nina's 709 is looking pretty streaky, even after two coats. 


Maybelline's 304  = major coverage difference! I liked the way Nina's 709 FELT on my nails, so I decided to give it *one* more coat, just to see if it was worth it. 


I could have given it ANOTHER coat, but I figured by this time I could declare a winner! Well, much to my dismay, I had no luck with the Nina's 706. The streaks stayed, and the polish was rather matte. I like shine!!! Maybelline's 304 felt heavier on my nails, but I will take that over streaks. Both of these polishes hover around the same price, and are available at most drug stores! <3

Attempting a shine comparison (click for enlarged version):

Got a "VERSUS" you are interested in seeing? let me know! <3


  1. very nice!
    i hate buying a nail polish and then having it get all streaky like that XP

  2. I bought NYC's white to use with Konad (I will be thickening it with xanthan gum to make it work) and I was impressed with the opacity - 2 coats are enough to make a paper-white base! It was only $1, too. Maybe give it a try :)