Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review - Precision Lash Adhesive

Well, here you have it. My first product review! I will probably be too wordy here at first, so sorry in advance! Unfortunately, this isn't an "omg have to have it!" sort of review. And I will tell you why:

After all the Halloween clearance sales, I recently took up a fascination with the over-the-top false eyelashes. Long, super-think, rind stones, you name it. I ended up buying a large lot of falsies off ebay, and was super stoked to use them. One problem: no glue. I went to a local drug store and purchased Revlon's Precision Lash Adhesive for roughly $5. The adhesive comes in the standard double-sided plastic packaging with instructions and details printed on a cardstock insert. The packaging was labeled "eco-friendly," which gave me a happy. :)

Okay, first off, I really liked the fact that the tube was hard plastic. I cannot tell you how many tubes I have accidentally squeezed too much product out of. One of the negatives of the hard plastic bottle is that you don't have the opportunity to get the very last drops of product out of the bottle, but for me; I personally waste more product over-squeezing the product all over my fingers, so I could live with it. Another HUGE positive is that this formula is latex free. I don't personally have latex allergies, but I know that many people do. The adhesive did make my eyes water a bit, however, not badly. Also, this formula also didn't smell half as foul as other formulas I have used in the past. 

At first I was a little confused by the new brush applicator, but immediately fell in love with it. It is precise, and allows you to put on a smooth and even coat of product on to the lash band with ease. No gloppy crap. The adhesive brushes on a pretty bright blue, but DOES dry clear. To be honest, I think the awesome color made the waiting 20 seconds for the glue to become tacky go by faster. Or maybe I am just easily amused. 

My favorite thing about this adhesive is: IT WORKS. It's comfortable and it stays forever.

But Eige, it sounds like you really liked this product! Why did you say it wasn't a "must have?"

One major problem... THIS:

I'm not sure what it is... but the product almost explodes out the top when you go to put the wand back in the bottle. This could be something I am doing wrong, but I haven't figured it out yet. It actually feels like there is built up pressure in the bottle. Because of this, the bottle gets sticky and gross - quickly. Even with washing the exterior of the bottle off after every use, it still got pretty nasty. I would come back to find even MORE glue oozing out of the top, or would have it explode again after reopening the bottle. not fun.  If there is a trick to this I would love to know, since I loved the glue.

The Positives:
It's affordable: $5 for .17 fl. oz. (5g bottle)
Hard plastic bottle.
It dries clear, and stays like a pro.
It's latex free!
Forgot to mention: it is waterproof.
Easy to apply & fast dry.
Doesn't smell like a homeless man.

The Negatives:
Made my eyes water a little, but it was tolerable.
It oozes all over everything, and in my case, covering a nearby lip gloss in lash glue.

Will I buy it again?
Possibly? Will I buy Revlon again? Yes. I loved the glue itself, I just wish it didn't self destruct. I will probably end up keeping the brush to use with other products, just because I loved it so much. :)


  1. Awesome! I've always wondered about falsies myself, never tried them but the last two halloweens I stocked up on lashes! lol Just in case! good to be prepared! I loved your bloggie <3

  2. ohhhh falsies are awesome... once you get used to them, that is! Maybe i will post a photo/video tutorial to follow up :)

    at first i thought it was kind of weird to have fake eyelashes... i mean... they are eyelashes after all. not to sound cliche, but it seriously CAN finish off a look. simple OR dramatic. :D

  3. idk how you manage false lashes. i got some for halloween and could not get them on right to save my life >.< They kept ending up crooked etc RAWR

    ps ya for this blog!


  4. yeah, i will def. have to do a video tutorial for false lashes... they are HELLA intimidating, but once you get used to the feeling, they arent so bad. :P

  5. cool idea but sound like it easily gets an air bubble?

    i'll stick w/ the ol' squeeze tube . . . I just do a before squeeze on tissue first.